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How to reduce User connections used in .NET

Hi all, I would like to know,
How to reduce userconnections at the sql server level for a web application developed in ASP.NET which is using commerce Server for tranactions?
This is causing a problem in the performance of the site. Thanx
You can set user connections on SQL server by using SP_CONFIGURE for ‘user connections’ option. What is the current problem of performance? _________
Satya SKJ

Hi, The user connections are remaining open even after 1 or 2 hours. I feel the processor time of the dba server reaches 100% because of open userconnections remaining even though there are no sql tranactions. And another thing is that, our application uses commerce server for handling all the transactions, which creates connection to sql server for tanactions.
By this the server gives Internal server error i.e error code -500.
This is affecting the performance of the site.
SQL Server will not close/disconnect the user connections and that should be controlled from client-side or thru application. You should check thru commerce server’s error log and sQL error log for any information for this internal server error. For the slow performance capture PERFMON counters like physical disk, cpu, memory, process & processor along with usual SQL counters.
Satya SKJ