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How to remove fill factor (reset to 0%) all DB

Hi, I created a maintenance task which optimize the indexes weekly and leave 10% free space. Asa result, all indexes now have a 90% fill factor. I would like to set the fill factor to 0% so that I can compare the DB table scripts with an older version where the fill factor was 0%. I’ve tried DBCC DBREINDEX but the value 0 is ignored. Is there faster anyway than manual to reset the fill factor of all indexes and PK to 0% Thanks in advance.
You can still compare the scripts, by removing the fill factor from both scripts – it’s just text, as long as you don’t run it.
Yes of course. I was just wondering if there is a way to set Fill Factor to 0%. It just seems weird that an option cannot be undone.
Are you having any disk space issues? Satya SKJ
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