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How to restore master database

How important is to have a backup of masterdb.Is in any case diff or tranlog bkup of master db necessary,if i havent added any new login,or new database.Does taking full backup of master db once in a month is a good plan.
What is the difference between rebuild master and restore master
Kindly let be know the steps to restore master database if it gets corrupted.

It is good idea to take full backup of the master DB, after making some of the following changes:
1. Creating/altering/dropping DBs.
2. Changing logins
3. Changing server-wide settings
and so on When you are rebuilding master, you get an initial copy, as it was when you’ve installed MS SQL.
If your master DB was corrupted, you may need rebuild it in order to take MS SQL online. An then – you’ll be able to restore it from backup, like other DBs. WBR, Vlad A. Scherbinin
Backing up the system db’s should *DEFINITELY* be part of you disaster recovery strategy!
BOL has a separate chapter about "How to rebuild Master". Make sure, you read very closely through this. Also, see if this helps:;en-us;298568
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