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how to restrict user session to only 1

Hello, Is there a way to restrict user session to only 1? So if the user tries to open a 2nd session, they will not be allowed to get in? In Oracle you can easily setup a profile to achieve this. Thanks.
sp_configure. (see Books on Line) User connections. Luis Martin
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no, I mean only allow 1 concurrent connection for 1 single user. So if the same user wants to open another connection while the first one is still active, he will not be able to.
I can think of following ways to achieve this. correct me if I am wrong 1. If this is at the application level then it can be achieved by deploying terminal server and maintaining the connections from it.
2. At the SQL Server level we can write a job to kill any user who has two active sessions after which the job can be scheduled to maintain this.

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I agree with Raj on the (1) option. Satya SKJ
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so if the option (1) suggested by Raj is used then he has to applied logon scripts too !? right ? well as per my opinion both the option is good. hsGoswami
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