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How to run SQL Server Service under a domain a/c?

I have setup the Outlook profile.
The SQL Server 2000 and Outlook are at the same computer.
But when i try to execute xp_sendmail, this is the error message.
Please help.
How to run it under a domain account? xp_sendmail: Your SQL Server Service is running under the local system account. You need to change your SQL Server Service account ro run under a domain account in order to complete this operation

To use any mail service, the SQL Server account must start under a proper NT account and not a local system account. The account needs access to the network because the SQL Server and SQL Server Agent services must be able to access the mail server. The local system account cannot does not have this access. Before trying to create your mail profile, make sure that the SQL Server can connect to the mail server. Simple ping tests will probably suffice at this stage. (In future post your questions in the other forums not under the TIPS contribution section)
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Right click my computer+manage+services find the SQL Server service, right click properties, click LogOn tab and enter a domain user and password. Stop and restart SQL Server.