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How to setup Audit ?

Hi there, Just wondering if there are any document on how to setup auditing for SQL Server (2000 & 7) using sql profiler and view the audit log as books online is not of great help. Thank you.
Hi ya, what kind of auditing are you hoping to set up? Login attempts can be audited within SQL Server itself, anything more detailed would require SQL Profiler. I’ve not come across any specific documents talking about auditing with SQL Profiler though… I’m sure Satya will add some links from his extensive knowledge base database Cheers
Thanks Twan. Review information from this Technet…/technet/security/prodtech/dbsql/sql2kaud.asp link about Auditing. And using <Advanced Search> link in this website returned this information…0&sp-end-year=&sp-x=any&sp-c=10&sp-m=1&sp-s=0 and its upto you to refer thru. _________
Satya SKJ

Thanks Satya & Twan
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