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hp vs. dell

My experience with Dell servers has been fine. We’ve had no major trouble with any of the 5 servers (2 for SQL, 3 for IIS) we’ve purchased since 2003. We’re buying more servers this year and I’d like to give HP a try. But looking at quotes for similarly configured HP and Dell Storage Arrays and 1U dual processor servers, I don’t understand why HP is so much more expensive. My quotes show HP servers costing 40% more than Dell. HP says their servers are built better but they don’t give specifics and I haven’t seen any data that would justify spending the extra money. What do you think, is HP worth the extra money? Thanks,

I would pay 10-15% more for certain HP models over Dell for example, the ML370G5 over the PowerEdge 2900
and the ML570G4 over then PowerEdge 6800 both HP systems have 6 x4 PCI-e ports instead of the Dell 2 x8 + 2 x4
I want the extra x4 ports, knowing that no server adapter can really use the full x8 bandwidth the ML370G5 also goes to 64GB vs 48GB for the Dell 2900 all of the above is worth 10-15% to me HP list price 40% more than Dell so HP can give discounts to their big customers, while Dell is trying to getting high volume with less sales effort so if you are not a big customer, it is hard to justify HP