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Hurdles on SQL Mail Setup

Hi, I am in the process of proposing and setting up SQL Mail & SQL Server Agent Mail for SQL boxes (prod and dev) in company. I have hit some hurdles (from system and network people) and need kind hearted people to point me to the right direction. 1.SQL Server & SQL Server service startup account is a domain user account with minimum right granted (SQL program installation folder & Data, Log, Backup,..etc folder) and is NOT member of Local Administrator group. Will that be a problem in running SQL Mail & SQL Server Agent Mail? 2. My company is using Lotus Notes and Domino Server. Based on this KB.
Q5: ”While it may be possible to configure Microsoft Outlook client to work with third-party mail servers, the use of the e-mail clients provided with those mail servers is not supported for use with SQL Mail.”
  • Does that mean I can#%92t install Notes client on the SQL box?
  • Is it that true I should be able to use Outlook as mail client and Domino mail server for sending email out from SQL Server? How true is this kind of combination (mail client and mail server from diff vendor) will work? Anyone has done that before pls share.

3.If the SQL box and domino server are in diff segment of network or in diff domain and the domains are non-trusted and block by firewall, does that mean the SQL box won#%92t be able to communicate with mail server thus SQL Mail will not work? (I am not a network guy, I am a humble DBA) 4.Most of the SQL boxes are serving web app and running OS clustering. It is true that SQL Mail is not supported in cluster environment as stated in this KB.;en-us;298723

I don’t see any solution to work out with Lotus Domino server for emailing.
If the domains are not trusted then there will not be any possibility to extend the communication.
Yes the SQL Mail is not support in clustering environment. Satya SKJ
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There are various other smtp email solutions to this problem though, so have a search for SMTP email on this site and you will find examples, etc. Cheers
a command line app called blat seems to be a popular choice