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Hyperthread – NOT the usual license question

I have read several articles and the MS whitepapers on Hyperthreading but I could not find this answer, which seems to be critical. I understand that I don’t need to buy any more licenses for a 2-way Xeon with HT. What I don’t know is do I have to set the Licensing Setup for SQL2000 to 4 processors to take advantage of them? There seems to be some difference between sp3 and earlier too. Does sp3 not need licenses added but sp2 or earlier does? I’m still not clear on this! Ed Gonzales
Hi Ed, SP3 fixed SQLServer’s counting of processors. Prior to SP2 you needed additional licenses and set the number of processors to 4 for a dual-xeon box. Post SP2 you can use a 2 CPU licence, and SQL will use both physical processors (i.e. 4 logical processors) Cheers
True, check MS homepage for details. _________
Satya SKJ

Thats exactly what I needed. The info wasn’t clear to me from the whitepapers. Thank you very much! Ed