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I need a script to sort all the user tables

Folks, I need a script to sort all user tables based on the row count and storage size? thank you so much, SQL 2K5 EE ——————
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Check the following url for script from vyas…it is written for sql 2000 but it should work in 2005 (not tested)… http://vyaskn.tripod.com/code/sp_show_huge_tables.txt
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See if this is also helpful select object_name(i.id),i.rows from sysindexes i inner join sysobjects o on i.id=o.id
where i.indid<2 and o.xtype=’u’
order by rows
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You can make use of SP_SPACEUSED onto a temp table and sort it or the above links. Satya SKJ
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