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IBM X330 MXT techology performance with sql

Hi, I am somewhat new to the forum, so forgive if the subject doesn’t fit to 100%. My problem is that I have a customer that "has heards a lot of bad things……about the MXT technology from IBM". Does anybody have expreiences in the combination of MXT and SQL ? And if so, could you provide me with any sort of information (have searched myself silly by now) to prevent a judgment due to a gut feeling instead of professionalism ? Thank’s Frank
As I am aware about MXT serves as an intermediary between the processors and main memory to reduce the interaction time usually required. Less frequently accessed data is compressed and stored in memory instead of on a disk. IBM claims this increases memory capacity by a factor of two or more. And its ideal for Web serving, caching, firewalls, and load balancing.
So taken into consideration I would not go for this technology using SQL Server.
Satya SKJ