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Identify the restore time

Y’night I have started restoring one of my PROD db copy on QA server. (120GB)<br />I have submitted as a SQL SERVER JOB. So, I do not have any clue <br /> What % completed?<br /> How long it is going to take ?<br /> So, I was googling could not find good answer. so, started digging into all DMV ( relate ones)<br /> The following query gives that information. <br />selecT percent_complete ,((estimated_Completion_time/1000.0)/60)/60 as Estimated_timeinHRS from sys.dm_exec_requests where session_id= &lt;SessionID&gt;<br /><br />I hope this helps someone on someday! <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ /><br />
Thanks for sharing the tip … You can also add the STATS option and write the job out put to a file see how much percentage completed….
You can check the ouput file to how much percentage completed…
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Yep , I usually use that option. IT is not real time . The above command give real time info.
you should know how big your database is
both the file size and the data size run perfmon to observe the read bytes/sec amd write bytes/sec
if its just writing, that the file init
restore is not necessarily at a steady rate
if it is too unsteady, thats a problem with your disks
then estimate the time