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If statement problem

I am converting one of our sql 2000 machines over to sql 2005 and found that one of my import scripts is now blowing up. It looks something like this: if (select filename from db..table
where filename = ‘file.dat’) = ‘file.dat’
bulk insert file
end It is blowing up on the bulk insert because the file doesn’t exist making that not a valid sql statement. The problem is that once a file arrives to us, it is a valid statement and thus works fine. It worked fine in sql 2000. Is there a setting that I’m missing or is it just not going to allow my sloppy coding any longer? Greg

if exists (select *from db..table
where filename = ‘file.dat’) But that won’t help the error. bulk insert still doesn’t check for the existance of external files before executing so I doubt if that is the problem. Is the path you are using valud on the v2005 server? Instead of using a table to check for the existance of the file why not just check the folder to see what is there?
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