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Dear all, i’m sorry, if i’m diverting from the topic. We all know that storing images file paths in database is better than storing images itself(binary data). I’ve a table which contains 1,00,000 records and grow in future. That table contains person details along with photoes. now, I’ve to prepare the report which contains person details including photoes in crystal reports. If I store the binary data of photo in databse I could be able to display the image, B But,how to display the photoes in crystal reports by only storing the image file paths. Rajendar
May search] for the information. _________
Satya SKJ

i would not make a unqualified statement that storing just the path is always better
while there is significat overhead with handling image files in the database itself, this is only a concern in situation where the entire CPU resources of the db server is required to support transaction processing
however, i would try putting more than 10-20k files per directory, as you will find that retrieving and browsing files from the file system becomes very expensive compared with using the database

There is a sample application at] which demonstrates how to load a picture file at runtime. You can download it for free and try it out. I hope it helps.