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Implicit vs Explicit + TLog EventSubClass Desc.

Two things.. 1. Why would the following insert 1 million rows per minute as shown(explicit), and only 20K per minute when the begin and commit tran are removed (implicit)? Declare @Now datetime, @EndTime datetime,@DELAY varchar(15)
set nocount on
select @Now = GetDate(), @EndTime = dateadd(mi,5, GetDate()) Begin tran
While @Now < @EndTime
insert into Fail_Over_Test_EX.dbo.Fail_Over_Insert_Ex (TestVal)
values(‘Test this insert’)
set @Now = GetDate()
commit tran 2. Does anyone know where I can the EventSubClass for the Transaction Log event (id=54) descripitons? Trace outputs an integer, and I need to know what they mean. Thanks in advance. Terry;en-us;283784 for reference. Satya SKJ
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