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Import Data "Cannot open user default database".!

Hi, I have searched all the usual channels for this particular problem, but have failed to rectify it. I deleted an old database, which had been set to my current users default at the login. I thought nothing of it, until I wanted to merge two databases (separatley unique) into one. Whenever I try to Import or Export data, via the wizard (SQL2000), the DTS Import/Export Wizard produces a popup error of : Error Source: Microsoft OLE Provider for SQL Server
Error Description: Cannot open user default database. Login Failed.
Contecxt: Error during initialisation of the provider. right, I thought, lets simply use OSQL & set the default database for the user, which I did successfully in the command prompt. However, this has not done the trick.! Have rebooted, tried all kinds of things. Exactly where can I get to the file/registry entry to rid EM of the deleted default database, or I am missing someting. Thanks in advance.
David Pendry.

Using EM, security, logins, user, you can find default database for that user. But I don’t know if changing default will fix the problem. Kindly don’t duplicate post. I’ve delete the other.
Luis Martin
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Grant the correct permissions on SQL Server so that the account has the appropriate access to the required resources. BTW, confirm the MDAC version and service pack level on SQL & MDAC. Satya SKJ
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