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Import/Export XML Data

Import/Export XML Data Hi, since my last post I haven’t had any responce so I decided to explain my problem in a bit more detail. So here goes… Basically, I want to do the following: Import XML data from Microsoft SQL Server 2000 in order to use it with Microsoft Access XP
Export XML data from Microsoft Access XP in order to use it with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 I am aware how to create the XML data, but I still don’t understand how would I be able to format the XML so that it will work for Microsoft SQL Server and Access. I guess what I am thinking of is some sort of engine between Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and the application so that the XML data can be formatted. I have also been looking at the FOR XML EXPLICIT, that is away in which it is possible to specify the format of the XML data. The only problem with this method is that you have to know how the database or the table structure is first in order to proceed with the mapping, and this will only work on one specific database. If you have a look at Microsoft Access and try importing a table in XML format you will notice that the application will create two files which contains the data and the schema. And this is similar to what I want to do, to be able to import and export and be able to specify the format of the resultant data. So if anyone has any idea or might be able to assist me I would really appreciate it! Best regards!
No idea about XML check whether this link] is any good to you. HTH _________
Satya SKJ

What is your reasoning for choosing XML ? Is there more to your objectives than simply transferring data between the two databases ?

Just a thought.. Have you explored XML Bulkload in SQLXML 3.0? Gaurav
Well the main reason for choosing XML is because it is supported in the programs that are able to export and import this format.