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import .trc files into a table

Hello All,
I have a requirement to import .trc(trace file) into a table .
Can any one please help me out regarding this. I have downloaded a tool called ClearTrace.EXE to do this job.
But the authour himself has told that this is a basic version and users may face
don’t you have SQL Server client tools available? SQL Server profiler can do this easily. KKT
You can open a trace file in profiler, then save it to a table. There are a couple drawbacks though, the GUI takes a long time to save (large traces) and if the table exists it will overwrite the data. Unfortunatly with profiler you can’t append data to an already populated table. Or you can use t-sql and the ::fn_trace_gettable function to load the trace. This is my preferred method for loading data… BOL has good subjects on this and so does
Server side trace to the table is the best one to go than depending upon the third party tools. Satya SKJ
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