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import txt file in to SQL Server

Hi, We have upgraded our SQL 7.0 server to SQL 2000. I had some DTS packages which are import data from text files to the SQL server. These packages worked correct in SQL 7.0. After the u[grade the same package doesn!t work.
I get the following error message>
"…Delimeter not found"
i found this message on the Microsoft Web site and they stated that this problem is solved in SQL 2000 Sp1. For time being I!m using Sp3…
Do You know any solution or workaround for this problwm< Zsolt
Do you get the same problem if you recreate the DTS ?
ie, import the text file as if it were a one-off, using Import Wizard, but as the last stage choose to save it as a DTS
At the end of the package loop through the steps and check the execution status.
Satya SKJ

i have recreated this package but I received the same error message Zsolt
Start PROFILER during the process to see the trace of events.
And also check under Job steps for any information. _________
Satya SKJ

I have solved the problem. I have created an ODBC connection to this text file with Ms Txt Treiber driver. I chose this ODBC as source and the DTS package working fine.
Does the process involved in version 7 previously? _________
Satya SKJ

no, in SQL 7 I was able to import this txt directly.