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Importing Paradox tables

Hi, In my application i want to import the tables and data from the paradox .db tables to SQL server 2005. I have done this in SQL 2000 using the Paradox 5.x datasource, but this data source is not available in the SQL Server 2005. Pls Tell me how can i do this, Its urgent Thanks in advance Best Regards!
Hi I got the way to do this, Best Regards!

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I got the way to do this,
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Hi all Sorry for not sharing this earlier For creating the Paradox 5.x connction
1 create OLEDB Connection Manager
2 Select the Mocridoft Jet OLEDB 4.0 Provider
3 set the db name as the path of the folder which contains the .db files
4 . go to all tabl and in Extended properties type Paradox 5.x If you want to know anything more pls feel free to ask Best Regards!