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Importing with more that one cr/lf in line…

Hi, I have a txt file that contains a cr/ln at the end of each header, detail, and trailer. I’m trying to import using dts, and have specified that i will determine the end of records which is at location 750. but the dts only lets me get to the header cr/lf at position 180. any suggestions?
Can you change the export specs at the source to add a text delimiter (typically a double-quote)? DTS should support text delimiters – could depend on the source type you’ve chosen.
I’m getting the txt from an outside source. have no control over how they export.

Are the any free txt editors that i could open up the txt file in and then do a replace with….? Word? Excel?
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I recommend ultraedit
UEDIT supports search and replace of ‘tokens’ such as ^p meaning end of line However, I have to say my personal choice would be to preprocess the file before importing. Maybe by writing a small bespoke software, maybe a perl script, c++, maybe even using T-SQL itself (less performance, but nice and seamless) Is this just a one off import? Im sure you dont want to be running a text editor every time you get a new data feed
For a command line replace utility you can use tr.exe: Run tr –help for details. I used it to replace double line breaks in import files.