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increase the size of database at runtime

Is there is any provision to increase the size of database at runtime if we earlier had restricted the max file growth to 50 MB ,when the db was originally created.
Will the database grow than the max size initially provided
enable automatic filegrowth. (by MB or %) Once you done that
you can restric to a particular size max (eg:500MB)
you can leave to unrestricted filegrowth.This is the common practice.
In SQL Server 7 and SQL 2000, database and log files can be set to grow automatically. The default growth amount is 10%. This automatic growth number may or may not be ideal for your database. If you find that your database is growing automatically often (such as daily or several times a week), change the growth percentage to a larger number, such as 20% or 30%. Each time the database has to be increased, SQL Server will suffer a small performance hit. By increasing the amount the database grows each time, the less often it will have to grow.

Satya SKJ
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