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Indexes for Replication DB

We are migrating from Oracle 10g to MS SQL Server 2005. We have setup replication between the Oracle and MS SQL servers. All is well except I need to get all the indexes created on the MS SQL DB.
I have also converted a static DB using the Microsoft Migration Assistant, so the indexes are located on MS SQl also. Does any one have a process that I can capture the Oracle DB Schema Indexes and apply them to the MS SQL DB. Or a way to capture all the indexes from the static DB on MS SQL and apply them to the Replicated DB? Thank you,

As far as my Oracle knowledge is concerned that is not possible to persuade indexing schema between Oracle & SQL server. On SQL server you can script out the Indexes in order to apply the same on similar database schema, refer to the SQL books online about Generating SQL Scripts or take help with Wizards on SSMS. Satya SKJ
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