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Inserting a transactions in sqlserver 2000

Hi Guys, Iam implementing logshipping in sqlserver 2000.i want consistencyin 2 of the databases.can anyone help me on how to insert a markers intransactions in sqlserver 2000? Thx

Welcome to the forums.
Have you ever heard of SQL Server Books OnLine that explains the basic understanding of transactions and their methods.
If you do so you will get confused with CHECKPOINT and COMMIT statements, the log is used for all kinds of activities on the database, which means every change it makes so that if something goes wrong, it can "recover" by "undoing" all the changes it has made, since the last consistent "CheckPoint" – back to what was that last state.
Every time a Transaction completes (or "commits"), all the changes that have been stored in the Transaction Log are flagged as "ok", and the CheckPopint marker is allowed to be moved forward to after those changes, so that a future recovery will only "undo" changes to some point after that.
Further I would like to know what kind of markers you wanted to implement or manipulate within the transaction log that might affect the transaction log consistent state, in general it is better to leave to system than handling manually with your code or statements.


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