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Inserting multiple values

I am having an issue with populating a table. I have to populate a table called ‘tstudentsubjects’. This table has 2 fields, studentId and Electives. I have data for studentId which is unique and more than one Electives can be passed for Electives. (Both are composite keys) Note : The data for Electives is passed through an XML. I then parse it using xp_xmlpreparedocument and the Electives is availabe in a temp table. Now say I have the following values ready, StudentID : 100001
Electives : History
Political Studies
What logic should I use to populate the table ‘tstudentsubjects’ Thanks, StarWarsBigBang
Something like INSERT INTO tstudentsubjects(StudentID, Elective)
SELECT StudentID, Elective
FROM OPENXML…. Roji. P. Thomas
SQL Server MVP