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Install Question – Multiple names instances

I have a named instance of SQL Server 2K Standard Edition installed on a single Server running WIN2K. I would like to install a second named Instance of SQL Server 2K on the same box. When I rerun the SQL Server installation.. I believe what I have to do is:
rerun install and select ‘Create a New Instance’
Deselect default Instance and make it a ‘named Instance’ I guess my question is.. is any of this disputive to the named Instance already running on the box????????
Not sure what you mean … Did you install the first instance as a named instance? and are you now trying to install a default instance? If the wizard allows you to add an unnamed instance to that server, I can’t see any reason why it would be disruptive to the existing instance, other than that the instances will be competing for the resources available on the server.

I have one named instance on the Server already – there is no default Instance installed. I just want to know if the actual install of the second named instance that I want to add is disruptive at all the existing named instance??????
If it is, I’ll do a full set of backups on the existing instance first and do it off-hours as well..
I think there is no problem to install second instance.
But, just in case, is a good idea to do full backups.
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No issues!!! Only thing to note is default instalaation,and data file will be in …
C:programfilesmicrosoft sql serverMSSQL$Instance name -Rajiv

Thank you everyone!
There is no such requirement to have a default instance and then install named instance, you can install named instance as per your requirement and you can record the installation steps for ease. Satya SKJ
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