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Install Reporting Services 2005 on SQL Server 2K?

Hi, Is it possible to install Reporting Services 2005 on MS Sql Server 2000? Thank you
I don’t think it is possible to install RS2005 on SQL2000, fyi. Satya SKJ
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I kind of managed to answer my own question in the end. I only asked in the first place cause i couldn’t find any installable exe file for RS2005. It turns out that one fo the things they have changed in 2005 is that most of the extra tools/components are now built into the install of sq1 server 2005. So, i ran that, and then just unchecked all the other components. It installed fine (although it took quite some time) I am now able to load up SQL Reporting Services 2005 using SQL Server 2000. I do however have other problems with it, but i’ll start a new thread for them so as to give any solutions i recieve their own place. Thank you