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Installation – Data File Location

I’m reviewing the installation process we have been following in preparation for moving our data center. During setup we have always accepted the default destination folder locations for Program Files and Data Files. After setup we move tempdb to a new location and create all user database with data on one drive and logs on another. Master, model and msdb are left on the default C:program Files… I performed an installation today to see what files are moved when I specify a different default Data location (G). When I look at G:sql_datamssql I see the following folders: Backup, Data, FTData, Jobs, Log, ReplData Three Questions:
1 – If I specify an alternate location for Data, is there a problem with all of the folder above residing on the data partition?
2 – Is it common practice to specify an alternate Data location during the setup process rather then accepting the default and moving tempdb after setup is complete?
3 – Is it necessary to move master, model and tempdb off of the default location (C:program Files…)? Thanks, Dave
1) No at all.
2) Yes more if you have differents physical drives.
3) No necessary. Of course all before is oppinable.
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