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Installation directory

Hi all , Its a small query.Any query to find where SQL server is installed in the box? i checkd all drives and couple of drives having same folders,still not sure where SQL server is installed, please help with this .. regards,

Check the SQL Server Service. IT will show you the executable path.
In Computer Management , click on Services and then double click on MSSQLSERVER service.
if you run sp_helpdb ‘Master’ it will also show you the path of all your sql datafile folder , and from one / two up here you will find your sql binaries. and if you type cd %programfiles% in command prompt it will take you to the program files folder and then you can get the information where your binaries are installed .
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True, using SP_HELPDB or SP_HELPDEVICE you can know the path of system databases. But this may not be completely true as the binaries can be installed in some other path. Satya SKJ
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Thanks a lot for all your help.