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Installation problems

I am trying to install the SQL Server client tools on a co-workers workstation, but the installation aborts before even prompting me whether or not to install just the client tools or a database instance. It pulls up the first prompt box, I click on ‘install sql server components’, then it tells me that it is installing the installshield wizard, then it just dies with no error message. I have installed the client tools on 20+ worksations already with no problem and have tried two different installation cd’s. Any idea’s on what is going wrong?
Thanks for any help that ya’ll could offer.
Something wrong with OS. I suggest to reinstall OS.
Luis Martin
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You haven’t mentioned the OS? What version? Does the workstation have the SPs? What about viruses? Can you install any other applications? CanadaDBA
I do agree with the folks and for reference review KBA;EN-US;Q303747#4 Also check whether the folder MSSQL is created on the workstation or not and refer registry also. HTH Satya SKJ
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