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installing service pack for sql 7.0??

I currently running SQL 7.0 on a WIN2000 Server. My SQL 7.0 doesn’t have any Service Pack apply to it yet. I need to know what are the step to bring it up to SP4? Do I need to go from SP1 to SP4, or go right in to SP4? I also need to know how to reindex my SQL data base? Thanks
Jimmy Vuong
You can go ahead directly to the latest SP, you don’t have to install each one at a time. After you have downloaded the SP, read the readme file for instructions. Essentially, all you have to do is to run setup, but there are a few exceptions, and reading the readme file will tell you about them. Most likely, you won’t run into any exceptions. To learn how to reindex tables in a database, see this url:
Brad M. McGehee