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Installing SP3 on Win 2003 Server w/SQL 2000

When I install SP3 the system seems to hang on the "Validating user. Please wait" window. The task manager show idle virutally 100% of the time. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks
Are you talking about SQL Server SP3? If so, then yes, I have run into this problem and it was when there was a connection open to a database on that server by a service (mine was an auditing application that logs changes to a table). Once I stopped that service all went well. Hope this helps. David
Check SQLSTP.LOG from windows directory for more information.
And SQL error log too. _________
Satya SKJ

After looking at the sqlsp.log (thanks to Satya) I see the following… ________

12:00:13 Checking databases on instance ‘MSSQLSERVER’
12:00:13 Authenticate access
12:00:13 Begin SDPassword Dialog
12:00:31 End SDPassword Dialog
12:00:31 F:DOCUME~1ADMINI~1.PROLOCALS~1TempSqlSetupBinscm.exe -Silent 1 -Action 6 -Service MSSQLSERVER
12:00:31 Process Exit Code: (0)
12:00:31 F:DOCUME~1ADMINI~1.PROLOCALS~1TempSqlSetupBinscm.exe -Silent 1 -Action 1 -Service MSSQLSERVER -StartupOptions -T4010 -T4022 -m
12:30:39 Process Exit Code: (1460) This operation returned because the timeout period expired. 16:41:29 A service control operation failed for the MSSQLSERVER service: 1460
This operation returned because the timeout period expired. 16:41:33 Setup was unable to verify the state of the server for an upgrade. Verify the server is able to start and that you provided a valid sa password and restart setup.

___________ Does anyone have any suggestion on what would return the 1460 error code, or more specifically how I can determine which service control operation failed? L.A.Long
Custom Applications Development
Are you using Terminal client services?
And make sure the user installing has admin privilege on the box to carry on post installation tasks. _________
Satya SKJ