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Int type in full text indexing

Hi All,
How can we use the int type column in full text indexing? Regards
Ashish Kuriyal
why u want to enable full text index on a integer column. Only columns of type char, varchar, nchar, nvarchar, text, ntext, image, xml, and varbinary can be indexed for full-text search. Refer this link : Madhu
Thanks for knowledge but I already know that full text indexing can be used only on these datatypes. But what if the datatype is int and want to use in full text indexing for some combination with other varchar datatype col.
Might be the requirement.
Is there no alternate to accomplish this task?
Is this related to SQL 2005 installation? Satya SKJ
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No, its related to full text indexing on int datatype of SQL Server 2005 Database.