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Intel Server…

We’re looking for a new SQl 2k (Enterprise) Win2k3 (Enterprise) server and here is what I’ve come up with, I’m looking for any advice please. Intel S5000 PSL MB (Intel case etc)
(2) Quad core 2.66 1333FSB 5355 CPUs
16 Gig DDR2 800mhz
(2) Adaptec 4805S 256meg 8 Channel sas raid controllers (PCI-E 8X)
(4) Xtore 16 bay sas enclosures (or possibly 2 48 bay sas enclosures if we can get them)
(64) Seagate 73G 15k Sas 16mb drives We’re running JD Edwards ERP, it’s about 170gig DB, supporting 60 to 100 concurrent users. This server is just for the DB, no edwards/peoplesoft/oracle code. Each 4805S has 2 4x wide ports, each wide port would got to 1 16 bay xtore sas enclosure w/ 16 drives. Our though process was each 4x wide port is 1200mb/s, each drive can sustain approx 75mb/s (16*75 = 1200). I know this are theoritical limits that we won’t actually get, we’re just trying to make a fast server. The goal is also high IOs, 32 drives per raid 10 should yield some decent IOs, yes? I am wondering why all the talk here is about the MSA HP sas controllers, am I missing the boat looking at the Adaptecs? Any advice would be appreciated.
BradB PS, yes we know were way over the "space" requirement, looking more at IOs and sustained read/write performance than disk percentage used. TIA again.

This should be a fast server. Without knowing more about the specific environment, it is hard to make specific comments. If you have any performance issues, it most likely won’t be the hardware, but the application. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, SQL Server MVP