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Interesting problem that I had today

DBA’s I had a problem regarding SSIS packages today and solved it, just posting it here so that everyone can know about it. Some of the people might already know this but I jsut wanted to share this. There is an SSIS package that was created for data transfer. The package is executed successfully when I run it manually in SSIS, but when I schedule it as a job, it always fails. This problem is due to the package protection propeties of SSIS. Solution : I had to change the properties of the project in BIDS and change the property ‘Encrypt all with password’ option put in a password for encryption. In the SQL Server job, click on the step properties and hit ‘command line’ tab. It should ask you the password that was put in during the encryption. Now when I executed the job, it succeeded. Hope this helps someone in future. Satya
Thanks for the info…
It is related to SSIS… so do you want me move it related topic? MohammedU.
Ok Mohammed Go ahead.