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Intial Replication -URGENT REq

Hello there,
Could someone help on suggest what would be the best option
I have 60 GB Databse I am setting first time replication.
1. Copy /restore the production on subscriber ? What are all manual steps do I need to take care this thing to work .
2. Go ahead with regular replciation setps.[ Any idea how long it will take]
Your help would be really helpful.
If you are using SQL Server 2000, this article might help: ***********************
Dinakar Nethi
SQL Server MVP
Sorry we are going to use SQL 2005
Check the following… NoSync Initializations (and variations) on SQL Server 2005
check out the documents on sp_addpublication set @allow_initialize_from_backup=true
At last implemented the replication. I missed for to set one table not for replication =YES ( subscriber database)
I am going to create temp table copy all records from orignal tbl to temp tble
then drop orignal table . rename temp to orig
all these activities on subscriber table . Does it affect any thing? on replication? Distributor remembers ID’d subscirer database tables? Any help would be really appreicate..

I can see that will slow down the replication and other than this it shouldn’t affect at all.
If its not a problem thne why not reinstate replication with relevant settings. Satya SKJ
Microsoft SQL Server MVP
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