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Intra-query parallelism on MSSQL 7.0

We have a server that is supporting several databases connected to the users by a ColdFusion based thin client interface. Several times, the users get an error message indicating that there is a Intra-query parallelism issue. There is a solution for this or at least a means of looking at this on MSSQL 2000, but there isn’st any reference to the same thing anywhere for MSSQL 7, SP4. Any recommendations? Thanks
You can use OPTION clause which specifies that the indicated query hint should be used throughout the entire query and this problem can be fixed by add OPTION (MAXDOP 1) at the end of the SQL statment. Refer to BOL for more information and this article too]. HTH
Satya SKJ

SQL Server 7.0, SP4 has some parallelism problems. I have also ran into them. Other than upgrading to SQL Server 2000 (which seems to have fixed the ones I ran across), your options are to use satya’s suggestion, which is to use the MAXDOP hint on the queries that are causing the problem (assuming you know which queries they are) to turn off parallelism for those queries only, or to turn off parallelism for the entire server, which is to change the affinity mask option using sp_configure. See the Books Online on how to use this option.
Brad M. McGehee