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IRowsetFastLoad (OLE DB)

Does anyone have any experience with accesses SQL using OLE DB from C++? I have a system where a number (about 10 to start with) C++ clients need to send a few thousand rows each to the database on a regular basis (every 15 seconds or so data will be sent). Tests so far have should that 25K rows take about a second to be "uploaded". The data "uploaded" is of the form (RecordID, DataChangeValue) which then needs to be processed with an Sproc to modify the data for the RecordID. Afer than the data in the "uploaded" table will need to be deleted. It’s possible that I could have maybe 2 or 3 C++ clients trying to "upload" and call an SP at the same time. So I could have an SP running on the "upload" table for a specific client whilst another is "uploading" etc I’m concerned about locking problems as I don’t know how IRowsetFastLoad works and I can’t find any information anywhere about it.
Check thru books online for detailed information on IRowsetFastLoad. I believe IRowsetFastLoad enables fine tuning bulk insert performance, so it may help you. _________
Satya SKJ