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Is this configuration is right?

Hi, At last I have decided to buy my Database server.
I don’t have enough budget to buy very high end server but here is my configuration POWEREDGE 2850
Single Dualcore Xeon 2.8Ghz/2x2MB Cache
2x76GB – 10KRPM (RAID 1) – OS/SQL/SQL Datafile/TempDB Log
2x36GB – 15KRPM (RAID 1) – User database log file (only one file) POWERVALUT220
10x146GB – 10KRPM (RAID 10) – User database/TempDB database file I wanted to use SQL2K5 Enterprise.
Now I am not sure, if I get another 2x36GB – 15KRPM RAID 1 for tempdb log file?
I am very tight with my budget and don’t have enough money for extra drive, but after reading about SQL2K5 I have impression that it is using tempdb very extensively. Will it be ok if I use above configuration or is it necessary to get another RAID for tempdb log file? All comments are welcome.
Hi ya, this is a bit like asking if a 10m piece of rope is going to be long enough…? It depends entirely one what you are doing with the sql server so:
– how many users?
– how big are the databases?
– oltp or dss?
– how much read versus write actity?
– when running reports/batch jobs how much data would be read?
– if you know then what sort of IO rate do you need for your apps? on the face of it 2GB RAM against 500GB of database disk space seems out of balance, but it will depend on the questions above Cheers
Hi Twan, It is web application and we are looking 10-15 concurrent users (but we are looking higher number in future some where 20-40).
I have 3 databases 1- DB1- 46GB (holds all text data) <- all queries will be performed against this DB.
2- DB2- 120GB (holds images).
3- DB3- 50GB (holds images). It is query oriented site (you can say 75% read, 25% write). So far there is no reporting feature available, but it is management requirement to develop analysis report (which can use huge amount of data, biggest table contain 22 million records). It is going to be mix of oltp (90%) and dss (10%). I have only joined this company like a month ago and before all this time one of the Vendor was handling this process. Currently they are using PowerEdge2850
Single Xeon Processor
1GB Ram
1x RAID 5 For now I also cannot provide I/O rate (but looking at reasonable rate, as I have seen some of the feature at site taking lot of time to display information but I also need to see how queries are performed). EDITED…
I was also reading that we can distribute file across multiple LUNS, how it can be achived?