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is this necessary for upgrade???

i have some Qns for 2000 upgrade from sql 7.0.
we want to make changes in SPs, triggers etc…listed are the chages are we will do it……. isNULL Based on SQL2000 standards when evaluating nulls you may no longer use equals (“=“) Double Quotes (“”) In SQL 7, double quotes (“”) could be used to delineate either strings or column names. In SQL 2000, double quotes can ONLY be used to delineate column names. Other strings MUST be delineated using single quotes (‘#%92). This is probably the most critical issue. Set ROWCOUNT The SET ROWCOUNT setting for remote tables does not apply for INSERT statements. SQL 7 ignores the statement. This will result in a logical error. Reserved Keywords SQL 2000 introduces three new reserved words: Collate, Function, and OpenXML. These words cannot be used to name tables, columns, stored procedures, or any other database objects. Doing so will result in a syntax error.
Server configuration options A number of database server configuration options are not supported in SQL 2000. do we have to modify all these……….also all the views and DTS packages??

Isnull is basically helpful in calculating avg sum for null valued rows set quoted_identifier off can be set on database level create table [function] (id int) — u can use reserverd words "=" just pushing your towards ansi sql standards. Who am I?
ISNULL() is NOT ANSI SQL Standard. It’s proprietary in T-SQL, AFAIK.
COALESCE() is the ANSI SQL equivalent Frank
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