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Issues with SQL Server SE in test and EE in prod?

We are upgrading a production database server to new hardware. The server is currently running SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition. We are thinking about installing SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition, however that would mean the test server (2000 Standard) and production server (2000 Enterprise) have different edtions of SQL Server. How much of a risk does this present? Later in the year we would upgrade test to SQL Server 2000 EE, but for a couple of months the environments would be different. Thanks, Dave
I don’t see any risk.
But, take care about tuning, because EE can reach more memory than SE. Luis Martin
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Why wouldn’t you upgrade test first? It’s free if it’s your dev/test environment only. So, there’s no reason to not upgrade test first. MeanOldDBA
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I’m not sure why you believe SQL Server Enterprise Edition is free for development and test environments. Only MSDE is free. We are upgrading/replacing our production server first in order to free-up the old server so it can be reused as a replacement for an even slower production server. That second productin server which will be upgraded will then have its old server be used as our new test server. (Trickle-down effect) Hope this makes sense. Thanks again, Dave

Dave :
I have not seen any after effects of changing editions of sql server for a user database. We have some server where diff edition of SQL 2000 share same database in dev/ prod environment. Between SE and EE only some features are different (like processor, memory) else functionality wise both are similar… You would not require to make any changes in any SQL user database object.
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