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Job/Dts problems.

After we upgraded our server from Server 2000 to Server 2003 and added 20 gigs of memory, then upgrade our Sql 2000 enterprise to Sql 2000(sp3) we have had problems with our jobs/and dts packs. In one of the DTS-packs there is a truncate statement and it does not seem to fire, or truncate the table when the pack runs so the data is getting duplicated, however if I run the same job manually, it does truncate the table. Only seems to be when it is scheduled. Anyone hear of this..?? -David
-David Roesch
San Diego, Ca
First time I hear.
How about to delete and recreate scheduled job?
Luis Martin
I’ve never heard of it either. Do you have the job and dts with the same owner as the table or sa? If not, it won’t be able to run the TRUNCATE command when the job runs as scheduled. When you run it, it would use your permissions. MeanOldDBA
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