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Job history not showing up

I am running into a problem with one of my SQL Servers. The Last Run
Date doesn’t change but the Next Run Date does change correctly. The jobs
run successfully but there is no history. Also, this server is showing
lots of Operating System, Status = 64 errors. Any help would be
Any information in the windows event log ?
C:>net helpmsg 64 will give you:
The specified network name is no longer available Are the jobs working with files on other servers?
The only information in the event log is the same as what SQL provided for the Status=64 error. I am most concerned about the loss of job history. Does anyone have any idea about that?
And yes, the backup jobs are being sent to the SAN on my network.
Check to make sure your job is configured to place an entry into the jobhistory tables.
Is there history for when the job succeeds without the 64 error ?

Check SQLAGent log for further information on the SQLagent status errors. Satya SKJ
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I need to be clear. I have two problems. One where the server is not placing any job history in the msdb database tables. The jobs are configured to save job step history. I am very concerned about this error. I am afraid that is just the tip of something much bigger.
The other problem on some of my other servers is where the backups fail and report a status=64 error code. There is very little other information in the event viewer, sql logs, or sqlagent error log. The status=64 error will show up in the other logs but no additional information is given other than it lost its network connection. But when it reports losing the network connection other backups are running, and succeeding on the same server.