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Job History Too Large

My SQL Server can not delete some old backups… (only 1 of 4 files, same each time)<br /><br />What I found out was that when I tryede to restore a backup from that database, the history took tooooo long to load.<br />I waited 15 min and the list was not done loading…<br /><br />I found this script to clean up, but it is a production server and I would perfer not to run it!<br /><a target="_blank" href=></a>)<br /><br />Please help me, is there no disent way to say save history for 4 days ??? and not 4 years.. <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ /><br /><br />//SpidereN
We run a script like that to clear the backup history on our servers. I see no problem with it.
As specified by Argyle we do perform clearup of backup history without any issues.
You can use sp_purgehistory to clear the history and in SQL 2K its provided for backward compatibility only. Satya SKJ
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