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Job result loged to Windows Event Log

I implemented a number of jobs for my dayly backups. In the Notification options I checked the "Write to Windows Application Event Log" and chose the "When Job Fails" parameter.
However when the job completes, whatever the outcome, the event is loged in the SQL logfile and the Windows event log. Due to the amount of backups performed, this eats up most of the logfile, making it hard to see any errors in the log. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug in SQL 2000 Advanced Server SP3? Nils Bevaart
The "write to windows …. " box just happens to be opposite the failed option. Tick the box to write all events to the server log.
When I uncheck the option, the parameter grays out. For each notification option, these parameters can be set, so it doesn’t seem to be just next to each other. Any ideas? Nils
What is your Audit level set on SQL Server? Satya SKJ
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My audit level is set to ‘none’ Nils