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Job Scheduling

I would like to schedule a job to run every 12 hours at 5:30 PM and 5:30 AM. The job takes about 1 hour to execute. I have the job set to occur weekly with every day of the week checkmarked, and the daily frequency set to occur every 12 hours. I have the starting time set for 5:30:00 PM and the ending time set for 5:29:59 PM. When I apply and refresh the job (for example at 1:00 PM), the next run time will be 5:30 PM, but after executing, the next run is set for the following day at 5:30 PM, instead of the following day at 5:30 AM. What am I not understanding about setting the schedule to run every 12 hours?
How about to schedule 2 jobs?
Luis Martin
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Check how many steps defined on the Schedule pane of the job.
For more information on job schedule run SP_HELP_JOB from QA. Satya SKJ
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