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Job status

My Sqlserveragnet failed and jobs are nomore running.But i can see the jobs in blue color shud b in red colour when the job fails. Pls anyone tel me is it an error with mircosoft?

Have you clicked "refresh"? Seems like a daft question, but it can be an issue, particularly if you leave EM running and connected all the time – it doesn’t auto-refresh the job list, ever. Tom Pullen
DBA, Oxfam GB
yes, i refreshed, reconnected again .but still its in blue color not in red .sqlagent also not running ithink blue indicate its up and running.but how,withour srveragent ? pls help me with this
No blue indicates it last ran successfully, not that it’s running – if it is, its status will be "Executing". No jobs will run without SQL Server Agent running. you need to start it, and figure out why it stopped. You need to check the output of your jobs to find why they failed. ensure each one is outputting to text file and inspect these to determine what the heck is going on. Tom Pullen
DBA, Oxfam GB
Run SP_HELP_JOBHISTORY & SP_HELP_JOB for further information on jobs execution, may the SQL tools on your box. Try to monitor the jobs from another client machine or from serve itself. Satya SKJ
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