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Jobs that I cannot eliminate – Change Name Server

I have a series of Jobs of the SQL Server Agent that I cannot eliminate. The message that it indicates to me is ‘Error 14274: cannot add, update, or delete to job (or its steps or schedules) that originated from an MSX server’. I believe that it must to that days ago I changed the name of the machine where that server SQL is located, and sure now he thinks that those Jobs of the SQL Server Agent belongs to another server machine, and therefore does not allow to eliminate them. How it could make to eliminate them? And you pardon my lamentable English…

Have you told SQL Server that you changed its name? You need to. Here’s how. You may want to read up on these two stored procedures before you give it a try. Run this stored procedure: "sp_dropserver <old server name>" Run this stored procedure: "sp_addserver <new server name>, local"
Brad M. McGehee
I had this issue a while ago and chose other way around which is unsupported anyway. For information sake I’m briefing it is risky to do update the system tables directly but you would need to update the msdb database sysjobs table and change the value in the originating_server column to the new server name. I suggest to follow Brad’s which works similar but with utmost care. HTH Satya SKJ

Perfect! I have decided on the second alternative, the one to directly modify and with well-taken care of the table sysjobs of msdb. solved Problem. Thank you very much.