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Large Tape Backup

I have a large databases that is over 100 GBs, and I want to save it to tape. However my tape will only store 80 GBs of data. I could store the data over multiple tapes, but I am not sure how. Is there a recommend method to storing data on tape when the db size is larger than the tape size? Adam Getz
This is the job of some good backup software and device. We have an Ultrium multitape device that will take up to 6 tapes, I think theyre around 70GB each! I believe veritas Backup Exec (or maybe its the ultrium itself) will do all the leg work in spanning huge files across multiple tapes.<br /><br />Also as a cheaper solution you can compress backup files, as they tend to compress quite well. But then, IMO if the data is worth backing up, you cant afford to cut corners to do it <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-5.gif’ alt=’;-)’ /><br />
SQLZIP is the tool that will compress the database backup size. As a general practice backup the database file using OS s/w or any other third party tool, and do not perform backup from SQL Server as this will hogup the server resources as the database size is huge. Satya SKJ
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While creating backup I think you can specify multiple devices. If that is the case I assume the data will be dstributed evenly across devices and then you can put them on tape. Gaurav
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