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Latest SQL Server 2000 SP4 with version?

Q-1 : What is the latest SQL Server 2000 Service Pack with latest version # available ?
i. which is recomended to apply in servers?Is there any reliable link that maintains that information with the fixes? Q-2 : I’ve already sp4 applied in the servers and i did skip some patches (version), can i directly apply the latest version and it will cover all the previous fixes?
it is Sp4. there is a hot fix after the SP4 to fix the bug with AWE memory. You don’t have to install SP4 again in the event of installing next SP. —————————————-
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I suggest you to refer to this link that gives you complete information on hotfixes & service packs. As of no ‘8.00.2039 > 2000 SP4 ** (Recommended Patch Level)Satya SKJ
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